Smoke Removal Machines

I’ve seen any number of products on the market which claim to be cigarette smoke removal machines. The idea is simply to filter the air and remove the smoke, nicotine and tar. The reality is that this is a very difficult filtration to complete and many of the products in this market barely work (or don’t at all). Hopefully this guide can help you save the trial and error of figuring out which is which.

Ozone Machines

I’ve seen some discussion on the role an ozone machine can play in cleaning air.  The unfortunate fact is that there is no evidence that they help at all, and some concern that they may actually be more harmful than helpful.

There are plenty of good options for improving indoor air quality.

Air Filters

HEPA air filters safely remove trap pollutants in a disposable filter.  I personally use filters like this in my home in all bedrooms to remove allergens and other irritants, and can’t recommend it enough for those purposes.  

Removing smoke from the air is a different matter entirely. Removing cigarette smoke from the air requires a significant carbon filtration process. You simply won’t find strong results with any lower end filters. The process requires a very heavy duty filter, and a very heavy duty fan to move air through it.

There are a number of air filters on the market which can do the job, however they are quiet expensive. I don’t have any first-hand experience with any of these products, but I have done extensive research into them. I’ve concluded that the Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Filtration Air Purifier is the best option for regularly filtering cigarette smoke out of the air. If you expect ongoing indoor smoke exposure in your home, it might well be worth the expense. It is a major purchase and I must re-iterate that I do not have any first-hand experience with this product, so please do read through user comments and ratings before making any final decisions.