Keep the Air Clean

As you start into the work to remove cigarette smoke odor, it’s important to get the air in the house clean and keep it clean. The tar throughout your home continues to release odor. This is especially true as you work through the cleaning process. You need to get the odors out of the air before it sinks in elsewhere!

Here are some techniques which can help you accomplish this. The more you can do, the better.

Covering the Smell is not an Option

It’s vital that you work to remove the smell and the sources of it. It can be a common tactic to try to simply cover the smell up using candles or air fresheners. While the stronger smell can sometimes overpower the smoke smell, the truth is that there are just more smells present, and can sometimes be overwhelming to more those a more sensitive sense of smell.

Optimize Airflow

Make sure you have good airflow in your home throughout the cleaning process. View our full Optimize Airflow guide.

Bring Plants Inside

Plants can work wonders on indoor air quality. View our Bring Plants Inside article for details.

Smoke Removal Machines

Technology gives us some fantastic air filtration options as well. Our Smoke Removal Machines page has a lot more information.