Eliminating Cigarette Smoke Odor in your Home

Eliminating cigarette smoke odor in your home is no easy task.  Smoke penetrates absolutely everything, and the sticky tar attaches everywhere. It can be very difficult to remove.

There is no magic bullet to remove the tar, or the odor. However, it can be done. This guide will help you find the way. It will require ongoing work throughout the home for at least a couple of months, and probably more.

You Can do This

we can do it

It’s going to take a lot of elbow grease and effort, but it is doable. This site will explain a number of steps you can take to solve the problem. If you review all of the content on this site and think carefully about how best to apply the information to the specifics of your home, I am confident you can solve the problem. It’s just a matter of getting started, and then thinking in terms of constant progress. You can quickly be on your way.

Smoke Odor Elimination Process

This site presents a process aimed at eliminating tar buildup and the cigarette smoke odor that goes with it from your home. These are the steps you must follow for fully eliminating cigarette smoke odor in your home. Please read through the entire site upfront to ensure you understand the full process before getting started!

The process follows these steps:

  1. Eliminate Smoke Odor Source
  2. Keep the Air Clean
  3. Eliminate Smoke and Tar

Consider Hiring Professionals

It’s worth noting that services do exist to take this chore on for you.  Check your local phone directly for options near you, and speak with them directly for price quotes.  They are likely to follow similar processes as described on this site, but bring with them specialized equipment and experience in this, so might be more effective.  That said, these services are usually very involved and aren’t cheap.  You need to decide if you would rather spend the time and effort to do it yourself, or the money to have them do it.

Phone a Friend

The odor is often unnoticeable to those who live in the home, as they are accustomed to the smell. Cleaning it will take some work, but understanding how bad it is is an important first step. For this, you may want to enlist some outside help.

Smoking, and even regular exposure to secondhand smoke, is harmful to one’s sense of smell. Smokers generally aren’t aware just how much the odor of smoke on them is noticeable. Between the decreased sense of smell and simply becoming used to the smell of the smoke, they don’t notice it like others do.

I personally was shocked at home prominent the smoke smell is when I quit smoking and my sense of smell recovered. Not only can I easily smell it from across the room when a smoker came into the room, I commonly smell it from several cars away in traffic if both I and the smoking driver have our windows down.

Find a few non-smoking friends or relatives and ask them to come give you an honest
assessment of any smoke odors they notice throughout your home. They can help you understand if any spaces are worse than others, and can also play a key role in checking your progress as you work to remedy the situation. Have them come back weekly as you work through the cleaning process for an update. See if they feel like you are making progress, or if needed consider doubling down your efforts. They can help you identify specific areas which still need attention.